This past weekend at Metrocon I cosplayed as Sucy from the oneshot anime Little Witch Academia!! I loved the character the second I saw her so I knew I had to do her eventually. I hope everyone likes it >.< 

Please ignore my stray and not-curled-at-the-bottom hairs, the heat of Florida in the summer time killed my wig more than I thought it would haha. I’ll have it restyled in time to wear her to Otakon though, this time with my witch’s hat and not stolen potion bottles! (and maybe with Petite Cosplay as my Akko?! hinthint) 

Photography by Emmanuel Rolon of ER Films. Thank you so much for the awesome picture! If you’d like to see more cosplay stuff from me, you can find me at Zuli Cosplay on fb 

This post is posted on Tuesday 30 July 2013.
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    Oh goodness I wish I spotted you! Little Witch Academia is lovely and you are an adorable Sucy!